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Buyers Guide


 Study the community and area you're buying in.

   When buying a property, it is best to retain as much information you can about the community you are buying in. The prices, crime maps, ecology reports, area traits, traffic flow, train schedules, and other key points about that specific area.


 Pre-Approval or Proof of Funds.

  Reaching out to a lending institution should be the first step to determining what you can afford. After you meet with the lender, you will receive a pre-approval letter. This is key to finding you a home that fits your budget.
Here is a Mortgage Calculator from one of our trusted Mortage Affiliates:


 Sign the Contract

  Whether you are working with your own agent or you use our in-house agents, the process is the same. We require a complete Purchase and Sale Contract and 20% of the purchase price down if you buy a To-Be-Built Home.


 When buying a home

  From start to finish, our team coaches you through the process. Our design team works with you when choosing your features and colors. You have many options before your home is built at no extra cost! Walk with the builder and Construction Manager before we hand over the keys. We include a 1-year Home Warranty for all of our homes.

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